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Trailer from the 2002 Hannibal Lecter film "Red Dragon", starring Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fienns, and Philip Seymore Hoffman.

Special Agent Will Graham is called out of retirment by the FBI to assist in capturing a killer who calls himself "The Great Red Dragon". After failing to solve the case, Graham knows he must face his deepest fear and consult the man who attempted to kill him several years earlier: Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the brilliant, caged monster who was famous for his horrific crimes of cannibalism. Lecter seems willing to assist Graham with the case, however, the vengeful genius has more sinister plans in store for the seasoned agent.

Based off of the first terrifying novel by Thomas Harris: See Hannibal Lecter as he was introduced in the series!


*A movie called "Manhunter" was released in 1986, starring William Petersen (Gil Grissom: CSI), and Brian Cox (Mr. Striker, X Men 2) that was based off of the Red Dragon book. Petersen played Will Graham in the movie, while Cox played Hannibal "Lecktor".

*While filming this movie, Hopkins was channel surfing one day and came upon Silence of the Lambs on AMC. He then realized that he had used a different voice for Silence of the Lambs then he was using for filming during this movie. He stated in an interview that he was praying that no one would notice it ^.^' (Fans did, of course)

*Hopkins has stated that this Lecter is his favorite one out of the three that he's done.

*Hopkins wasn't sure if he wanted to do Lecter for this movie. He'd had enough of the character by HANNIBAL, which was released a year earlier.

*The same guy that designs the tattoos in the TV show Prison Break designed the massive tatoo that the killer has on his back in this movie.

*Hopkins had to lose 25 lbs for this movie, and for part of Hopkins' appearence, the original plan was to digitally de-age him so he would look younger than his Silence of the Lambs counterpart. This plan was discarded for unknown reasons, but most people have stated it was a budget issue.
  • Alex Ballard

    @DrHannibalLecterMD would you recommend watching Manhunter?

  • Levée En Masse

    I just finished reading Red Dragon yesterday. I'm 15. I'd say the film looks very good but (obviously) there are some heavily modified parts. (Molly's son is called Willy!)

  • Ash S

    is this the remake of manhunter?

  • nick p

    trailer ruins everything

  • Malibuthunder

    @somename99 no one is creepier than anthongy hopkins. it was the high of his career and the line about fava beans was immortalised by him!

  • Switchside18

    My good, i havent seen the movie but i´m reading the book, such a great book !! i didint knew this one was before the silence of the lambs !!

  • animespic

    "Do you dream much Will?"


    so is the book good i got it from my teachers class i liked it so much i borrowed it

  • sleazypig

    Manhunter was better

  • Joydawn

    "I have oodles" In that one word, I am sold on this

  • zakarias1886

    is this like a spin off from the first movie? Because it had alot of details from the first. P.S. why is hannibal still alive? I thought he would be on death row!

  • Jorge Coque

    hey i'm just watching this films i loveeee it!!!! great! so crazyy but great

  • Sdea1903

    @youtubs3 hell yeah, Manhunter is a very disturbing movie and runs circles around silence of the hams.

  • Alejandra Bustamante

    i really enjoyed this movie.. edward norton is a great actor... i really believed him as will graham

  • ThePirateprincess23

    @roelofkeful Movie order: Manhunter (based off Red Dragon, 1986), Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Hannibal Rising.

  • Alejandra Bustamante

    love this movie..great cast!!! i think graham is very interesting. Even though he has the hability to think as a serial killer he doesnt succumb to it.. instead he chooses to hunt them

  • mrocean468

    definately better than hopkins

  • BuellerBueller95

    @r4h4al but in all fairness with the age hopkins is older than he was 10 years before red dragon was made, when he did silence of the lambs

  • jpbelmonte1

    wut was better, hannibal or red dragon

  • marchrabbit85

    @dieticetea No way! Manhunter was first

  • Alejandra Bustamante

    seriously? who know maybe he's a cannibal in secret! lol

  • StrangeDarkSoul

    great trailer! and great movie of course.

  • coffee_junky

    yeah no shit i read the books too lol. The part that bummed me out is I wanted to see more how Cox interrupted Lecter. I enjoy hopkin's interpretation, however, when I read the books I just envisioned something else (I had the benefit of reading the books before the movies I had no Hopkins-Lecter inmy mind lol) Now to that point, I did see Red Dragon the film before Manhunter. I enjoyed both, but I think Red Dragon wins it for me - just slightly (By a factor of Ed Norton lol)

  • jesoby

    Manhunter was more engaging than this - too theatrical.


    althought i am ridley scott's fans... but i think red dragon really better than hannibal (2001)

  • MissyWaagen

    damnnnn this film was tv the other night but i forgot to watch!!

  • Ayaana H

    they should leave hannibal the orginal by the guy with white cuz atleast he made sense . best film by anthony kopkins the hannibal lol.

  • SIngli6

    I couldn't agree with you more.

  • kelly30sp

    a parte que mais gosto do filme é a da cena cujo pequeno trecho está em 1:19. Ralph Fiennes's body... huuuummmmm

  • SIngli6

    Manhunter was deplorable 80's (aka The Dark Age Resurgence) effluence. I cannot describe how much I hate synthesisers! A textbook example of a film that relies heavily on style over substance. Red Dragon was infinitely superior. Note: Brian Cox depiction was sterile to say the least. It is almost sacrilege to consider his portrayal of every ones favourite cannibalistic psychiatrist superior to Anthony Hopkins.

  • Joker3797

    Manhunter is better.

  • 21YeOjjOeY12

    Damn, almost all Edward Norton films have a great twist! "Roy" (Primal Fear) has a special participation in the ending, sort of. Everyone who has watched Primal Fear before watching this movie is surely surprised. =D

  • CanadianMusic

    Hopkin's face at 0:58 always gives me the creeps.

  • Gus Rains

    OMG my forensics teacher looks and acts like Hannibal lecter (-minus the murdering lol) Dr. k.... Dr. lecter

  • Alex Bale

    yes it is boss ! my dad told me :-)

  • texasB666

    this is actually a very very good movie. We all know that silence of the lambs is still the best one and we can still talk about it for hours but this one and hannibal i realy like. In the right order offcourse...

  • Ringlord3434

    hannibal sucked. the only reason im not saying its worse than hannibal rising is the fact that it has hopkins as lecter. i mean, y no jodie foster as clarice? and the whole part with the pigs still creep me out

  • Alex Ballard

    This was much better than Hannibal but it didn't "suck"

  • KungFuKenny

    Release: Manhunter, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon (same story like manhunter), Hannibal Rising. Story: Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal.

  • Mike Brock

    Does anyone preger Manhunter, I think manhunter is by a better director, brian ox does a good job, hopkins is good too but cox is better as a younger version of hannibal

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