Mafia 3 vs Mafia 2 | Mafia 2 is better than Mafia 3

Mafia 2 vs Mafia 3: A Gameplay Comparison

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  • Gabriel Kozsar

    geeezzzz M3 is a disgrace ....POS MII > MFIII

  • erfan

    mafia 1 is better than all

  • Colter Barnhart

    Mafia 2 will live on forever as my favorite PS3 game ever I have mafia 3 it to me is a ripoff of gta5 it doesn't even look and feel like a mafia game the only 2 reasons why it's a "mafia game" is that it has mafia on the cover and because it has Vito in it I give it a 4/10

  • Aakash Kumar

    Mafia ii is better bro

  • Angelico Philip Cariño

    The only good part of Mafia 3 for me is the vito missions

  • five5x

    Mafia ll is far and away a better game, but these camparison videos always get one camparison wrong. The reason why the police shoot in Mafia lll is because hes black. The game deals with racism and that is one way the game highlights racism.


    I dare to say that Mafia ll is better then GTA V

  • nikolas balaz

    mafia3 is the best i don't think mafia2 is good mafia3 on ps4 pro it's better think people whot you have

  • Marcus Collins

    Просто омерзительная игра. Смачный хорчок любому человеку любящему видеоигры. Всей душой ненавижу того жадного ублюдка, который решил выпустить этот кривой кусок кода на рынок. Возможно, если бы над игрой поработали ещё годика 2, то получилось бы что-нибудь более менее играбельное. А так труд разработчиков на смарку, вбитая в пол репутация и игроки которые потратили на это свои деньги.

  • Iosif Stalin

    what are your specs for mafia 2

  • Jesse Pinkman

    Even mafia 1 is better than mafia 3. How did they screw up so bad

  • Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

    I was like..WTF?! mafia 1 let you ram the phone booth, completely destroyed them, that game mafia 1 was like old now but so much better than this mafia 3 bullshit. mafia 3 ram into phone booth like WTF? its solid as FUCK!?

  • Fasile Oyuncu

    Mafia 3 baddddMafia 2 super perfect vito joe

  • subject sigma

    Pay close attention kiddies! This is the natural progression of things if both you and I continue to feed the machine...The machine being a bunch of greedy morons without a drop of imagination or pride in their work. Dead and gone are the days where hard work earned the dollar and not some shady backroom bullshit.

  • Zion Lee

    I wish they would make it backwards compatible

  • Karan malhi

    Mafia 2 was and is better than mafia 3

  • Gillewill

    omg this is really shocking! I guess I won't buy mafia 3 now, It is the attention to detaills that makes the game so immersive.

  • Grom Hellscream

    Mafia 2 had a soul, and it was beautiful. The city was beautiful and the age was more appropriate. They should have made a sequel that is less years later in time, with Vito trying to find out what happened with Joe. I haven`t played Mafia 3, so this could have been in the game, but overall Mafia 2 was something better. The snow and all. The music. The story.

  • Kasym Kakabayew

    Mafia 3 не удалось :((😣

  • Zug G

    what particularly amazes me is that mafia 2 in 2k on a pc looks, aesthetically, better than mafia 3 and has a HUGE variety of environments and environmental effects with an attention to causality and detail. Obviously the poly counts are lowered with no tessellation etc, but the mocap and small attention to npc and player animation makes it look alive.

  • The Bro's

    Mafia 2 wins and because of its story

  • BeGold Plays

    (Late comment) WOW mafia 2 even looks better than GTA V.. but mafia 3 look like ummmm....... i dunno

  • Anton Yacyuk

    вот настоящая мафия клип

  • Gamer Personal

    Mafia 2 could've been much better if the fucking Take 2 didn't cut the half of it's content!The game had so many things before it was released, check out the early gameplay videos.

  • santiago aragon

    Me quedo con mafia ll pero el lll tiene mejores gráficos igual los 2 son buenos juegos :)

  • Josh Creation

    mafia III is GTA Clone

  • Fatih Bekar

    Song of the video plz???

  • AMV12S

    Mafia 3 is more like GTA than Mafia

  • Gilbatrar ヅ

    I think they used a whole new game engine or something.. Which turned out horrifically, let's hope they didn't/don't stop the Mafia series after this one, because it has great potential

  • Martin Pekara

    Mafia 2 is so much better because af attention to detail but mafia 3 absolutly no attention to detail at all mafia 3 is so bad that it disgrace the mafia 2 and mafia 1


    The cops in mafia 3 are so annoying when they shoot you over things like hitting their car!

  • Count Dracula

    Go to hell 2k and hangar 13 for mafia 3.

  • Dan Wopp

    I think attention to detail is what made games iconic and a way of showing more immersion into the acting roles and environment which I think classic games more so does a little bit better then just moving grass

  • Major Games


  • Jaden Lawrence

    Mafia 3 cops is So realistic i main when do cops not shoot at a black guy armed with a gun

  • David Kotal

    Mafia 1 and 2 are original czech games but Mafia 3.....I can't tell that again about Mafia 3

  • Kasym Kakabayew

    5:50 сколько денег есть там?😮

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