The Story Of Lassie

For 50 years, she has represented all that is good about the enduring bonds between human beings and their dogs.

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She first leaped to stardom in the 1943 MGM film, Lassie Come Home. At a time when families, still stunned from the Depression, were then torn apart by World War II, the story of a dog who fights every obstacle to return hundreds of miles to her young master moved audiences to tears and established Lassie as an American icon. Lassie made seven MGM films. And when family films began to leave the big screen there were new horizons… first on radio and then on television.

The Story of Lassie Includes clips from Lassie MGM feature films as well as from Lassie’s TV shows, and interviews with trainer Robert Weatherwax; actor Roddy McDowall, Tommy Rettig, Jon Provost, Margaret O’Brien, Janet Leigh and others. Hosted by June Lockhart.
  • Maggie Otsuka

    One of the most beautiful Collies there was.

  • Amy Le

    However i like the cartoon lassie more

  • Nature Lover

    A little over 20 years ago, my mother had the opportunity to meet Rudd Weatherwax and the (then) current Lasaie. She travelled a lot in her lifetime, all over the world; yet, she often remarked that meeting RA and "Lassie" was one of the biggest thrills of her life. It may seem a bit baffling ,but Lassie has a huge appeal for many, especially those that loved movie Lassie Come Home with Roddy McDowell and Elizabeth Taylor. My heart still melts remembering my childhood on Sunday evenings at 7 pm, when sweet Lassie lifted her paw on cue! 💝💛💜

  • Walter Fewell

    I grew up with Lassie as well. Also me and Jon share same birth year!

  • moder1932

    الله اكبر زمان كنت اشاهدها عام ١٩٨٤

  • Sara Lynn Schiller

    I love this movie. I always cry when watching it. 💗

  • Lesjulie

    Ever since my childhood, I have only loved dogs. As I grew up and knew all about this most lovable, loyal, affectionate, intelligent and pure-hearted breed, I love them all the more. That's why I can NEVER be a cat person. Never! I seldom see this breed showing any affection whereas dogs show unwavering loyalty to their human parents!

  • Monica Gopaul

    memories of my childhood a very good Movie

  • Cathy Dorr

    I had a collie named Scotty. He looked just like Lassie. He was smart just like Lassie too. I love that dog like a child and miss him every day since he's been gone. had him for 16 years but finally had to put him down in 2009. Still miss him every day.

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